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Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

In the face of COVID-19, the use of disposable slings can greatly reduce the spread of infection.  Eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by assigning each patient a disposable sling that’s dedicated to their use only, and strong enough to last for the entire duration of their stay – whether it’s days or months.

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Improve the Quality of Care

COVID-19 is changing infection control practices, but it’s also changing patient expectations.  Patients and their families can rest assured that slings in your facility are assigned to a single individual, and never used by anyone else.

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Reduce Injuries

Experts agree that when slings are easily accessible, caregivers are more likely to utilize equipment. Reduce injuries, improve efficiency, and maximize investments by ensuring that equipment doesn’t go unused.

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Lower Costs

Our established relationship with a global leader in sling manufacturing allows us to offer the lowest price point on the market, without sacrificing quality. In addition to 25%+ cost savings, we stand behind a no back-order guarantee.

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Are these slings compatible with our equipment?2020-10-27T16:47:14-04:00

Yes. Our disposable slings are compatible with lifts from all major manufacturers.

Can these slings be used in water?2020-10-27T16:46:55-04:00

Yes. Our disposable slings can be fully submerged during bathing, and can even be reused after air-drying.

What about spot cleaning?2020-10-27T16:46:37-04:00

Yes. Our disposable slings utilize polyweave advanced fabric, and can safely be spot cleaned.

Can these slings be reused for the same patient?2020-10-27T16:47:31-04:00

Yes. Our disposable slings are designed to safely last the entire duration of a patient’s stay – whether that’s days or months.

Is there a no-backorder guarantee?2020-10-27T16:45:59-04:00

Yes. We proudly stand behind our no-backorder guarantee.

What is the safe working load?2020-10-27T16:45:35-04:00

Our disposable slings have a safe working load of 660 lbs to 1100 lbs.

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