Safe Patient Handling

BFA Academy and Safe Patient Handling Consultation Services

You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. The time has come to partner with trusted advisors. Barrier Free Access (BFA) provides expert services and solutions to safely enhance the lives of patients and caregivers throughout the continuum of care. Together we can decrease injuries, increase outcomes, and optimize the patient experience. To learn more contact Amy Villars at or call 651-352-2389 ext 301.

Safe Patient Handling Webinars

Don’t know where to start? Our webinars provide fundamental Safe Patient Handling (SPH) knowledge and are a great launching pad for those new to the industry. Learn key data points, critical success factors, common struggles, and why traditional safety approaches have failed when it comes to moving people.

Workshop Series

Ready to elevate your game? The BFA Academy workshop series is just what you need! These full-day educational sessions are held at the BFA training center in St Paul where you can focus and escape distractions while learning in a state-of-the-art facility. Register for the full series or only the workshops that pique your interest.

Seminars and Speaking Engagements

BFA has built a team of professionals that are some of the most passionate, knowledgeable, and respected in the industry. Whether it is a conference, leadership meeting, forum or community group, we appreciate the opportunity to increase SPH awareness.

Initial Phone Consultation

Wondering if BFA services are right for you? This complimentary 30-minute phone consultation will help us get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. If so, we will develop a proposal of recommended services to guide you along the path to success.

Onsite Advisory Consultation

Struggling to increase staff engagement, reduce experience modifiers and identify potential gaps? This onsite consultation is the perfect solution for those needing a fresh set of eyes. Our trusted advisor will discuss your concerns and provide ideas to help you gain the momentum you need for success. Although it isn’t a prerequisite, if you have a current program we encourage you to consider our SPH policy and program review service prior to this consultation.

Policy & Program Review

Healthcare professionals often turn to BFA when their existing SPH program is generating lackluster results and they cannot achieve the momentum needed for success. This is a great first step to establish your baseline. Just send us your existing SPH policy and program information and our trusted advisors will review, identify high-level potential gaps, and recommend next steps. 

Policy & Program Development

Don’t have a Safe Patient Handling program or just need a fresh start? Save time and get it done right by working with our expert advisors. BFA not only provides the tools you need, but more importantly, our team works with you to customize one of our five industry-specific packages to match your unique needs. 

  1. Acute

  2. Post-acute (LTC, TCU, Assisted Living, Hospice, Memory Care)

  3. Ambulatory Care (Primary, Specialty, Lab, Dental, Radiology, Rehab)

  4. Residential Services 

  5. Schools

BFA’s tailored approach takes the guesswork out of the process and positions you for a successful program launch.

Program Rollout 

Let us help get your program off the ground by providing expert trainers to deliver your SPH message. This service includes the rollout of the policy, procedure, pre-training, equipment training and tools you have created. Proper implementation is a crucial factor for successful culture change.

Annual Program Management*

Feeling overwhelmed and realizing that you don’t have time to properly manage your SPH program? Let BFA’s dynamic culture change agents ease the load with annual SPH program management services. Our in-house experts are proven problem solvers with fresh and creative ideas. Together we will enhance the lives of patients and caregivers!

*Prerequisite program review or creation

New Hire Orientation

Get new staff off to a positive start by providing the tools they need to provide excellent care to your patients and reduce staff injuries. We’ll cover the importance of safe patient handling practices, your company’s policies/procedures, and proper equipment usage. Our focus on addressing real-life situations builds the confidence new hires need. Attendees leave this training feeling energized and empowered. 

Basic Skills Training

Are you adding new products or noticing dust collecting on existing equipment while patient and staff injuries are on the rise? These are clear signs that education is needed. BFA trainers will excite your team and provide the skills they need to properly utilize new or existing products.

Advanced User Training

This session provides an advanced SPH skill set, including tips and tricks to solve those pesky day-to-day challenges, key success factors and ways to keep the momentum going. Upon completion, your Advanced Users will become an on-site resource and embed positive change in the culture.

Annual Competency

This hands-on training session ensures users possess the critical skills needed to safely move patients while reducing injuries. By being both the patient and caregiver, attendees gain a unique appreciation of the patient experience. Let BFA help you mitigate risk and assure the competency of your team.

Observation Audit

This on-site service is a great way to mitigate risk. Our advisor will check the pulse of your organization’s culture, observe transfers, survey staff to identify possible barriers or near-misses, evaluate sling management procedure and compile a list of findings and recommendations. Energize your team and improve patient outcomes by investing in this unique offering. We suggest adding our Data Review service to get a complete handle on patient fall and staff injury rates. 

* Audit recommended every 6 months.

Data Review

Identify trends by examining patient falls and staff injuries. This deep data dive will pinpoint frequency, location and type of injuries sustained. Our experience provides a unique ability to identify gaps and reduce risk. A summary of findings and recommended solutions that can be phased in as capital is allocated will be provided. We recommend an Observation Audit in conjunction with the Data Review. Together, these services provide a comprehensive picture to elevate your program and mitigate risk. 

Problem Solving

Looking for a solution to a lingering problem? Are your slings disappearing, air transfer devices never coming back from laundry, or do you have a process that needs improvement? BFA’s Safe Patient Handling Investigative Unit (SPHIU) will roll up their sleeves and dig into the matter. Our experts will identify the issue, recommend a solution, and help you implement change.

Training Observation and Revitalization

Has your training lost its flair? Shake things up at your next session with a visit from a BFA advisor. We will observe training and offer ideas, guidance and support to your educators. This small step will provide your team with the outside eyes they need to increase staff engagement and produce effective training. 

Leave of Absence/Vacation/Maternity Leave

Everyone runs into staffing issues from time to time. Count on BFA to provide your SPH education while team members are away. Many partners choose to take advantage of special pricing through our annual retainer program.

Incident Investigation

BFA is by your side in good times and bad. If you have an incident, our advisors will provide peace of mind by conducting the incident investigation for you. This service provides you with an outside source to gather the facts, conduct staff interviews, recreate the incident, complete a root cause analysis, debrief leadership, and develop a performance improvement plan. Let us help you through this stressful time.