Super Slides

Conveniently pre-packaged the single application slide is ideal for staff to carry in their pockets.  The Super Slide is designed for a one time use or single patient’s entire stay. The Slide provides a smooth and easy transfer reducing the risk of injury to the caregiver.

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  • Ideal for: repositioning, boosting, lateral transfers, pivot to stand and proning patients
  • Use friendly tube like design works well in radiology with cassettes
  • Individually wrapped
  • Polymeric compound is super-slippery and has a very low coefficient of friction.
  • Reduces push/pull forces by more than 70%
  • Available in Reusable and Single Patient Use


  • Maximum Load: 1100 lbs.
  • Dimensions: Standard: 58”x 29”
  • Additional Sizes: 36”x 28” and 48”x 40”
  • Bariatric: 58” x 48”
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