Single Loop Repositioning Slings

Our line of repositioning slings are breathable, have all necessary pressure mapping and air permeability studies, and designed for 24/7 use. We offer one standard size in both cotton and poly micro mesh disposable material with either multi loops or single loop strap attachments. We offer two standard sizes and a bariatric size to meet all your needs. Rated for 1,000lb to 1,250lb.  Comfortable sling solutions for repositioning in bed and transfers in a supine position.


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  • Compatible with all major manufacturers
  • Ideal for boosting, repositioning, and lateral transfers
  • Allows a single healthcare worker to easily turn patients
  • 6 straps, 1 loop per strap


  • Material: Cotton and Poly Micro Mesh
  • Weight Capacity: 1100 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 45″ x 80″


  • Material: Poly Micro-Mesh
  • Weight Capacity: 1250 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 52″ x 85″
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