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Barrier Free Access provides the absolute best value in reusable slings

Barrier Free Access has established a supply partnership with the global leader in sling manufacturing. This allows us to provide not only the best cost but also the most flexible and responsive supply chain. Our comprehensive range of slings fits both loop and clip lifts, and come in disposable, reusable, wipe down, and biodegradable versions.

We provide 25% plus savings with a substantive no-backorder guarantee. And, there is zero sacrifice on quality. Our slings are made in our ISO certified facility, are CE marked and have full pressure mapping, breathability and flammability studies. Plus each batch is weight tested by an independent third party.

This means Barrier Free Access offers the broadest, strongest and all around best line representing the maximum value which is what healthcare customers require today.

A wide variety of styles provide solutions for patient and caregiver needs.

  • Our reusable slings are available in multiple styles, fabric choices and options, and come in standard material as well as mesh, padded, wipe down and biodegradable.
  • We offer standard and premium models as well as clip and loop.
  • All of our slings have pressure mapping, flammability and breathability studies and each batch is weight tested by an independent third party.
  • Plus, each sling is marked with a unique serial number for full product traceability from the raw material to the final allocated warehouse storage and placement.
  • And we allow the use of bleach when laundering slings.
  • The best for less.

Seven reusable sling materials address every patient’s needs

Our standard polyester material offers strength durability and ease of maintenance. High pliability and low friction make application and removal easy and comfortable for patient and caregiver alike.
Inovi’s polyester mesh has the same strength and durability as our PolyWeave material but allows for air and moisture to pass through the material. Mesh is ideal for bathing scenarios or any instance where increased breathability is needed.
Our comfort material is designed to be left under the patient. The unique spacer material has a high friction outside which prevents it from sliding down behind the patient. The inside of the material offers moisture wicking and improved air flow for maximum patient comfort.
Our strongest material is designed with a heartier weave than our standard PolyWeave. This fabric offers all of the benefits of polyester but with a wider weave for a more textured feel and increased strength.
The parachute material used on our EasyFit slings combines the principles of a slide sheet with a lifting sling. This ultra-low friction material makes applying and removing the sling much easier. This is ideal for tight applications and car extractions.
When comfort is the key our quilted material is the only choice. The quilted polyester fabric offers increased padding over the entire surface of the sling for maximum patient comfort during transfers.
Wipe Down
Our unique Wipe Down material does not utilize heat sealed plastic. Rather, we use our PolyWeave material which has been treated with a proprietary sealant that prevents fluids from being absorbed. These slings maintain all the comfort and durability of our PolyWeave material but with the ability to wipe them down in between uses. Ideal for usage in outpatient settings.

All slings prominently color coded by size for patient safety. ​Each box contains tape measure to match patient size to appropriate sling.

Unique features provide convenient inventory management and reordering.

All reusable slings are marked with extra large size labels All slings and boxes have international product code and our bar code

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