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Powerful Things Come in Small Packages.
We take great pride in distributing Amico’s GoLifts.
This tiny lift received the prestigious state of the Art/HealthCare Design Innovation Award 2017
The two versions pack the most lift possible into the smallest place: ​

  • GoLift 700 weighs only 10lb and lifts 700 pounds!
  • GoLift 400 weighs only 8lb and lifts 400 pounds!
  • Two GoLift’s can be used in tandem to lift 1,000lbs!
  • The weight capacity can be dialed back to match lower weight track systems when used as replacement motors

This lift features the most ingenious design:

  • ​Quick Release Trolley, Tool Less Battery Exchange, Quick Release Scale Option, Easy-To-Clean Surfaces
  • Two Year Standard Warranty, Canadian Manufactured

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