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Barrier Free Access provides the absolute best value in disposable slings

Barrier Free Access has established a supply partnership with the global leader in sling manufacturing. This allows us to provide not only the best cost but also the most flexible and responsive supply chain. Our comprehensive range of slings fits both loop and clip lifts, and come in disposable, reusable, wipe down, and biodegradable versions.

We provide 25% plus savings with a substantive no-backorder guarantee. And, there is zero sacrifice on quality. Our slings are made in our ISO certified facility, are CE marked and have full pressure mapping, breathability and flammability studies. Plus each batch is weight tested by an independent third party.

This means Barrier Free Access offers the broadest, strongest and all around best line representing the maximum value which is what healthcare customers require today.

A wide variety of styles provide solutions for patient and caregiver needs.

Barrier Free Access provides a simple and cost-effective way to help minimize cross infection and streamline inventory management. Utilizing polyweave advanced fabric, our slings are safe to use when wet and can even be spot cleaned. The fabric’s unique and strong design means that each sling can last for the entire duration of a patient’s stay even if that is multiple months thereby simplifying management of sling stock and reducing costs.

  • ​A specific sling for each patient during their stay
  • Unique polyweave fabric is strong to use – even when wet – lasts months
  • Used in many healthcare facilities to reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections
  • Safe working load of 660 lbs. to 1,100 lbs.​
  • Radio translucent so compatible with X-ray and CT
  • Extensive range including plus size and clip
  • Fully compatible with all major lift brands
  • Over 10,000,000 slings sold worldwide
  • Huge Savings – The best for less

Three Patient Specific Materials

Poly Micro Mesh
Our Poly-Micro Mesh is our most popular material for our repositioning slings. It is our thinnest two-ply material and offers the greatest breathability of our patient specific materials. This material is capable of supporting safe working loads up 1250 lbs.
Barrier Free’s cotton material is a softer alternative to our Micro-Mesh for repositioning slings. While still maintaining an excellent standard of breathability, this material is extremely soft and bio-degrades much quicker than synthetic fibers.
Woven Polyester
Barrier Free’s Woven polyester material sets the bar for patient specific slings. This material is extremely rugged yet soft to the touch. This material is used primarily for our patient specific high back slings and our sit to stand harnesses.Woven Polyester can support safe working loads of 1100 lbs. and can even be used for bathing and after drying.

All slings prominently color coded by size for patient safety. ​Each box contains tape measure to match patient size to appropriate sling.

Unique features provide convenient inventory management and reordering.

Slings are bar coded And have international product codes

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