Everyday there are more reports of supply chain backorders with thousands of containers stacked up at US ports, and ships waiting weeks to unload. Yet, hospitals are still full of patients that need supplies for their care. This includes safe patient handling slings that help move patients safely, reposition and prone them, and prevent medical staff from being injured in an already short-staffed environment. Even though hospital buyers work tirelessly to forecast the needs of their organizations, many are facing 3+ month backorders on slings, leaving many nurses and patients unprotected.

At Inovi and Barrier Free Access, we offer a No Backorder Guarantee on slings to ensure our partners’ have the supplies they need to care for their patients. Our slings are compatible with almost all major lift manufacturers including companies like: Arjo, Liko, Gulmann, Handicare/Prism, Tollos and more.

We make the transition to our slings smooth and seamless, and when additional training is needed, we have a comprehensive suite of online training resources for your organization. Our clinical staff can answer your questions and provide the extra support many companies no longer offer.

All of our slings have been independently safety tested. And we are proud to say we have sold over 10,000,000 slings without incident. Our fabrics are comfortable for patients and designed with caregivers in mind.

For samples or more information contact VP of Clinical Services, Amy Villars, at avillars@inovihealth.com or amy@barrierfreeaccess.com.