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Disposable slings for use with individual patients

Liko® disposable slings are used whenever there is a preference for using one sling with one individual patient. Liko’s Solo series of products also helps to overcome laundering and storage issues.


Solo HighBack Sling

Model 25

Solo HighBack is a patient-specific, general purpose sling. Solo HighBack can be used in all lifting situations, for instance, between bed and wheelchair or to the toilet.

Solo HighBack comes in four different sizes (M/S, M, L, XL). The sling is designed to adapt itself to the patient without any individual adjustments.

It is important to choose the correct size to achieve the highest level of comfort and safety. A sling which is too large increases the risk of the patient's sliding out of it, while one which is too small can be tight-fitting.

Solo HighBack is made of a very strong non-woven fabric, and is to be disposed of when it has become soiled or when the patient no longer needs it.

Fabric: Non-Woven Polypropylene



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Sling Sizing for Solo HighBack Sling

Product Number Model Size Suggested Weight Fabric
3525911 25 Medium Slim 66-110 lbs Disposable
3525915 25 Medium 88-176 lbs Disposable
3525916 25 Large 154-265 lbs Disposable
3525917 25 Extra Large 243-551 lbs Disposable

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Solo RepoSheet

Safe repositioning in contagious environments

The Solo RepoSheet is a combination of two very successful concepts from Liko®: Solo products for short-term patient specific use and RepoSheets for moving patients in the bed.

The Solo products from Liko® are a good alternative for short-term patient specific use, in order to avoid the risk of infection or when washing is a problem. The RepoSheet is an excellent solution for repositioning patients in bed, a common cause of injury to nursing staff.

Often healthcare involves turning patients, to wash them or to prevent pressure ulcers, etc. It can also happen that the patient needs to be moved further up in the bed after having slid down towards the foot end. In both of these situations RepoSheet is a valuable and appreciated aid. Instead of moving the patient manually, you can easily use an overhead lift and the RepoSheet.

Solo RepoSheet is a variant of the RepoSheet and is intended for short-term use. Thus, the Solo RepoSheet should not be washed but can be disposed of when soiled or when the patient no longer needs it. The spreading of viruses and contagious bacteria, e.g.. MRSA, is prevented. It is also a relatively economical solution, since laundering is eliminated.

Solo RepoSheet is manufactured from a soft and comfortable material with good "breathing" capacity. The Solo Reposheet is available in two sizes, Short (440 lb capacity) and Generous (660 lb capacity).

In addition to the Solo RepoSheet, there are other lifting aids, such as slings and lift sheets, in our Solo disposable concept.

The Liko® product range also includes the RepoSheet Original and the RepoSheet Original Ultra intended for long-term use for patients weighing up to 500 kg (1100 lbs.).


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Sling Sizing for Solo RepoSheet

Product Number Size Weight Capacity Fabric
36871003-2 Solo Short (case of 20) 440 lbs Disposable
36871004 Solo Generous (case of 20) 660 lbs Disposable

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Solo SupportVest

Model 911

Solo SupportVest is made of a very strong non-woven material, which means that it is only meant for short-term use by one particular patient. The SupportVest must not be washed; it should be disposed of once it has become soiled or when the patient no longer needs it.

Solo SupportVest is used with Sabina® Sit-to-Stand lift. The vest lifts behind the back and under the arms and suits patients who need a lot of help to raise themselves but who can then stand firmly on their own legs.

Solo SupportVest comes in two sizes and can be used with Sabina® Sit-to-Stand lift with the SlingBar 350 (narrow).

Solo SupportVest, model 911, is similar to the Liko® SupportVest, model 91, but it doesn't have a waist belt and is patient specific.

If the patient needs a waist belt during the lift, we recommend the Liko® SafetyVest or Liko® ComfortVest instead.


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Sling Sizing for Solo SupportVest

Product Number Model Size     Fabric
35911915-4 Solo SupportVest Medium 35.4-58.3"   Disposable
35911916-4 Solo SupportVest Large 41.3-64.2"   Disposable

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Solo MultiStrap

Even lifting and holding an arm or a leg can be a difficult task for caregivers. Liko offers specially developed lifting accessories for this particular task. MultiStrap has been developed to meet a variety of needs in care and can be used to hold arms, legs and other parts of the body, for example, during treatment or washing.

Together with a patient lift, MultiStrap facilitates many heavy lifting tasks such as wound care (e.g. burn injuries), hygiene procedures, treatment (e.g. catheterizing or dressing wounds), examinations, placement of bedpans and dressing/undressing. MultiStrap can also be used to turn a patient in bed.

The Solo MultiStrap in the non-woven design is intended for short-term use and should be discarded when the product is soiled or when the patient no longer needs it.

Solo MultiStrap is available in three models:

  • MultiStrap Narrow, 2"
  • MultiStrap Standard, 4"
  • MultiStrap Wide, 10"

MultiStrap can be used individually or in pairs. For turning in bed, we recommend using it in pairs with one of the wider models.

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Sling Sizing for Solo MultiStrap

Product Number Product Name Width
3695914-2 Solo MultiStrap Narrow 2"
3695915-2 Solo MultiStrap Standard 4"
3695916-2 Solo MultiStrap Wide 10"

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